About Me

I ‘ve been an amateur radio operator for about 12 years now, first being licensed as KB3ELW.

My first fascination has always been with weather satellites.  When I was young (about 13), I purchased some plans from Information Unlimited to build a means to receive images from weather satellites…specifically the NOAA POES satellites in low earth orbit.  I never built the system, as it involved using an oscilloscope to capture the image to a polaroid, but the fascination remained.

Later, around 1995, computers became powerful enough to record the imaged via external adapters, then internal AD devices.  Around that time I purchased a Quorum internal receiver that automatically recorded the current overhead pass of the satellites.

In 1999, at the suggestion of KB8PPA, I took and passed the Novice exam, but missed the 5 WPM code section.  I upgraded to General in 2008 and then to Extra in 2011.

Electronics have always enthralled me and I’ve inhaled more than my share of lead solder.

Finally, I also have interests in weather and seismology and have had some very nice interactions with leaders in the fields.

Please enjoy the website.



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